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You Say Conservation is Good for People: Well, Prove It

Adapted from the VALMER/PANACHE Keynote, March 17, 2015 Torquay. Transcript available here.



By Christian Neumann, Linwood Pendleton, Marianne Kettunen, Tundi Agardy

 The value of ecosystems and the associated services they provide is receiving growing attention both in the public and decision-making arena. The language of Ecosystem Services essentially translates the complexity of ecological processes and functions into descriptors that define the socio-economic-ecological link. To overcome the challenge of scientific and non-scientific communities having to find a common language, it is worth keeping a few key aspects in mind.  READ MORE...

 BELOW THE SURFACE: Marine Ecosystem Services: How Is That Valuation Thing Treating You?

— Linwood Pendleton

Well it finally happened ... marine ecosystem services have become trendy and that has some peoples' knickers in a twist.  READ MORE

Cartoon by Mike Twohy, New Yorker Collection, The Cartoon Bank.